Who we are

The Dudes are
 Deborah Rubertelli, Claudio Pintus, and Ago Panini
We are storytellers. We believe in storytellers and we love to support storytellers. We strive to be not only your production services provider but, if you need us, to be your collaborator, supporter, and defender of your creative vision.

Deborah Rubertelli

is our line-producer extraordinaire. She began her career in South America and speaks fluent Spanish, English and Italian. She was a producer for Film Master Milan for 10 years and produced or provided production services for over 100 international productions small and large. She will be at your side from your first phone call to us to the final closing and actualization of your budget. She loves production, loves supporting artists and wants to make you feel at home – when you are away from home.

Claudio Pintus

Claudio is Dude’s executive producer. Claudio also worked at Film Master for many years, collaborating with producers, agencies and clients from every part of the globe to produce international spots for Fiat, BMW, Barilla, Mulino Bianco, and Mercedes Benz. In 2000 he joined his brother Riccardo at L’isola Production Service, where he worked as a Line Producer for major international campaigns and for top international directors such as Tony Kaye, John Madden, Erick Ifergan, Jean Pierre Roux, Koen Mortier. In 2005 he founded, with Ago Panini and Cecilia Mazzà, Lacasafilm. At the time, it was the first and only Italian production company to be co-owned by and solely based on one in-house director. The aim was to create a highly efficient and creative team that was able to work with any size budget while still providing full creative support to their director. The name has changed over the years, first to Lebowskifilm and now Dude Film, but Claudio’s philosophy of always supporting the creative vision has never changed.

Ago Panini

Ago is Dude Film’s artist in residence. Ago is one of the most celebrated and awarded Italian commercial directors working today. He brings to Dude Film’s production services arm a core aesthetic and a depth of creative knowledge that allows us to serve you in a technical and creative capacity that no other Italian services company can. Ago is constantly on the look-out for the best film artists – DPs, Stylists, Production Designers, etc. – available in Italy and across Europe. This constant quest for excellence serves not only his own projects but yours as well.